YouTube Started the Fire

giving credit it's due

PropsFor all the complaining we do about customer service in the airline industry, I would like to pass on some Big Ups to NorthWest for an uncommonly pleasant experience yesterday.  Not only did BOTH of my flights leave on time, but the pilot was unusually communicative on the return flight to NY (LGA).  When we arrived early, surprise surprise, we had to wait for our gate.  However, unlike on previous flights when we were told it would be a few minutes and waited for half and hour, this time the pilot told us which gate we were waiting for and pointed it out off the side of the plane.  This simple measure turned a collective groan of - we're going to be here forever - into educated anticipation.  We knew it would only be 10 minutes, and we watched while the other plane was pulled away.  Nobody complained, everybody looked understanding.

Customer service can at times be fairly simple: deliver on your promise and throughout the interaction maintain honest and polite communication while keeping the customer informed. 

This was air travel as it should be: quick, timely, polite and unobstructive.  We got to where we were going without having to think about it.

Hung Out to Dry - Shame on TimeWarner
Sneakers I'm moving, and called (800)OK-Cable to transfer my internet service to my new place.  Signing up for new service was a breeze, though to be fair it wasn't through Time Warner but through another company at the same number.  Canceling my existing service was impossible.  After waiting on hold for nearly 10 minutes, the operator asked to put me on hold, and then hung up.  OK, so accidents happen, but if you just asked me for my number, the least you could do is call me back.  So I waited 10 minutes, but there was no phone call so I tried again.  This time I went with the option to have them call me back - stated estimated waiting time, two to four minutes. 

It's now been 18 hours, still waiting for that phone call. 

Treat your customers right and they might talk about it, treat them wrong and you can you can rest assured, they will talk about it.