It's no wonder nobody votes anymore
My my, that guy in mirror IS good looking!

Diet Coke and Mentos

Sometimes it pays to build off of the buzz of others. 

Kudos to Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for putting this together!  Way to take someone else's craze, and build off their hype.  While this may seem "normal", this actually marks a significant evolution in  traditional message flow.  Parodies like the one above serve to highlight a sublime cultural shift from professionally generated mass experiences to prosumer/consumer generated mass experiences.  Early You Tube popular videos were often copyrighted content, parodies of professional videos or mashups of the two.  W+K has embraced the new dynamic by creating a professional parody of UGC!  The river finally flowing upstream.

Lets face it, the explosive marriage of Diet Coke and Mentos has become part of our cultural lexicon.  Diet coke shooting into the air and college kids screaming and running for cover - this is the image that describes where we are as consumers.

Any Thoughts?