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My my, that guy in mirror IS good looking!

Man_in_the_mirror_5 Here's to you Media Exec!

You know that guy in mirror?  That good looking guy who greets you every morning with a brilliant smile?  My guy looks nothing like the one pictured here, but if I worked in traditional media I would probably have his picture pasted on my mirror, after all, if he's on me mirror, then this is who I truly am. 

This may sound preposterous, but with the aid of some skewed research, this could be true! 

And here's how:

3 easy steps to getting the research results you always wanted:

  • Rather than speaking with anyone outside your own industry, poll those doing exactly the same thing as you.  Wonder of wonders, results will most probably fit those you've predicted.
  • If those outside your immediate circle must be included in the research, only include response options that include your current offerings.
  • If survey questions must be open ended, force study participants to interact in manners far more suggestive and meaningful than their real world counterparts.

So here's to you NBC, for suggesting that users who were asked to focus on commercials in fast forward were similar to real world users who just don't pay attention.  And here's to you OPA for telling us that out of 15 and 30 second preroll and postroll spots, 15 and 30 second spots are the favored ones. 

Hey, do you know what my  favorite number  between 1 and 3 is?  I'll give you a hint:  ask anyone to  tell you what that number it is, and they'll tell you it's 2!  I guess  everyone agrees with me!  We must all be very smart.