Looking sideways is a great way to crash
The Day the World Went Silent


Perspective In todays world of flogs, advertiser-driver poor-quality consumer-generated content, imitation consumer generated video and guerrilla marketing, it often pays to take a step back and examine our own practices.

We all like to beat up on the unethical practices of floggers, and this is a practice that we as an industry need to highly encourage, it's keeps us honest.  But beyond OMMA and WOMMA, where do we draw our own lines in the sand?   How do we as an industry, as a collective of individuals, build a better, safer, more trusted and more reliable industry than the one we are quickly replacing?

At what point would YOU take YOUR NAME off the door?

My entire life I've gone to my father for this sort guidance.  He's an old media exec with old media values.  Honestly, integrity and good story telling are the pillars of his world.  What are the pillars of ours?

Leo Burnett was a brilliant visionary, but more than that, he lends an interesting perspective to the many of us breaking into the New Media World.  Perhaps more interesting that the values he presents, is the emphasis he places on his own personal pride.  His name is his value.  Much like modern day bloggers, he viewed his name as his brand.  In the video below he outlines the values he believed his brand stood for.  What are your values?  Would you leave if these values were compromised?  When would you want your name taken off the door?