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MyStreams - Bringing it all together

Bringing_it_all With the blogosphere all abuzz over and Armano's Lifestreams and Rubel's Replystreams (follow up here), I'd like to weigh in.  In case you've missed the discussion, here's the quick summary:

  • Lifestreams are aggregates of the all the media we create and possibly consume from an experiential standpoint.  A Lifestream is your life, both digital and analog, tracked, saved and published.
  • Replystreams are aggregates of all the media we create and possible consume as part of other media offering (that we don't publish on our own platforms) - such as replys and comments.

The common thread here is this: as our lives are increasingly going digital and we are embracing a balance between always on, and purposefully offline (which in itself suggests a level of market maturity - the good kind that lasts) we need a way to aggregate our lives in a single asset and possibly widgetize this offering to share with others.  Tumblr is just the next step, but does not represent the end game (if there is one?).  We need a tool, we need a solution, we need a digital appointment book that integrates with all of our existent media. 

The main issue at play here is integration.  We want a tool that works with our current behaviors and requires little additional input.  This is much easier said than done, but if you can figure this out - possibly by securely collecting password and login info - you've got it made.

We are sick and tired of registering for yet another piece of 2.0 rubbish.  Deliver something that works, something that is personal, something that bobcasts my life, my content, my media habits, my recommendations, my twitters, my kitchen sink, and you finally have something worth looking at.  Note that I said bobcasts, not broadcasts.  Bake in a smart feed tool that allows me to subscribe to tag swarms, not just total feeds.  Once you're building a system, don't just go one step ahead, nail the tool I will be using for the next three to five years.  In today's startup world, overnight success is rarely assured, and even a few months of massive success will not guarantee a future. 

We need rich StumbleUpon powered bobcasts + Lifestreams + ReplyStreams in a package that speaks to the best aspect our microblogging platforms - cross platform integration.  Lets make it as easy and integrated at Twittr, but with everything Twittr is still lacking - such as one to one break away conversations, rich media sharing capabilities and more.  Put that on your Facebook page, and you will look a hell of a lot better.

Gone will be separate widgets for Amazon recommendations, favorite TV Shows and iTunes purchases.  Everything will live in one place.  My life aggregated, shared and published.  This is my life as I live it. Welcome to the next step in social evolution, MyStreams.

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