defining the product, not the marketing
the blame game

real meaning - giving what your selling

Ethical As marketers our goal at the end of the day is to sell. 

While we try to utilize ethical techniques, the underlying ethic of the position of marketer is a question on it's own. 

Why do we sell?  Is this truly good for the consumer?  Will this make them happier, more complete more human?  It is up to the consumer to determine both how they will use the product and how they allow product will impact them (both in it's usage and the resulting reflective personality images), but is it really fair or honest for marketers to build associations between grander dreams and simple products?  Nike sells movement, Hummer sells power, the armed forces sell achievement.

Everyone tries to sell happiness, satisfaction, good feelings.  Maybe this is why Going Green works.  We as marketers, are associating our brands with a TRUE feeling, a true emotion. 

Is this what we mean when we demand truth in advertising? 

Cartoon courtesy of Avi Steinberg, good friend and raving lunatic.  All rights reserved.

Props to Guy Kawasaki for turning me on to Life Remix, a great site with some insightful articles.