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Tonight on CBS... your kitten playing piano

Cbs_logo Variety reports that CBS has taken a 50% stake in Big Shot, an online talent search.  Think America's Got Talent meets You Tube's most popular, with traffic driven by traditional broadcast media. 

OK, so let's follow this evolution.


You Tube is essentially an always-on open call for the classic example of traditional broadcast user generated media - AFHV. 

The most successful (fat belly) long tail You Tube successes signed with the online "networks", Revver and 

Now CBS, (representing Mainstream Media in the graphic), is highlighting the successes of UGC, going into potential direct competition with the online "networks" like Revver.

Ultimately were does UGC success fall?  Will it be most successful when owned by an online "network" or when operating as an extension of traditional media?

While this certainly represents an excellent progression of a traditional media property, what does this mean for us as online marketers?  Is this America's or arguably The World's Best Home Videos?  Is this the next step in bridging the gap between traditional and digital media?  Or is this yet another traditional media property trying to "go 2.0" and missing the mark?  And perhaps most importantly, is CBS jumping on a dead horse, or are they leading the pack into a new frontier?