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the blondest blond & most teenage teen in all the land

So, it's been a long week and I's like to wrap up before the holiday weekend with a little something-something that doesn't contain the word 2.0 or Hulu.

I'm sure that by now many of us have seen the incredibly hilarious / embarrassing video from this past week's Miss Teen USA Pageant (if not see below). 

What would you do if you were in her shoes?  As a teenager, I probably would have acted like I didn't care, then found a way to craft a business around it - probably doing local commercials and sponsorships, but that's just me.  And while I made money off of my own shame, I would have acted aloof, as if I didn't care, all the while kicking myself for saying something that mind-numbingly stupid LIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Well, this beauty queens chose to go on live tv for the second time in what is clearly (note the sarcasm in my voice) an unscripted bought of banter.  Check out both videos below:

swing and a miss

The Second Time Around

So what do we say?  Can we give this girl a break? 

What if you were her interviewer for college, for a job?