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next steps: Veoh TV

FilmFirstly, if you have not yet checked out Veoh TV, I highly recommend you download this free beta.

Veoh TV is an online Tivo and cable box in one.  Veoh streams their own content AND re-streams content off other websites - including major network sites.

Veoh is red hot, and the buzz around the brand is amazing.  So where do they go from here?

Next Steps - Veoh

  1. Sign with, unbox, and Tivo
    • Deliver ad supported and for sale content to Tivo through
    • Enable plinking (product sales linking) on all 2.0 digital video assets - potentially form the living room!
    • Recommend streaming video based on Lifestream information based on user Amazon user history
    • Delivery the first truly viable longtail capable IPTV solution via TiVeoh (tivo + veoh)
      • This would also give Tivo a desperately needed leg up in the DVR/PVR market.
  2. Go for the fat belly while continuing to embrace the long tail
    • Enable streaming off of cable network sites (ex - Comedy Central) in addition to network TV sites
    • Enable ad-free subscriptions to network television content - think $30 for a season long subscription to a show - rather than one off purchases.
  3. Build out a better player
    • Improve current channel listings menu.  It's huge, cumbersome, and doesn't feature regular live scrolling, rather it loads up a new page.  For a desktop application, this is rather odd.
    • Create a better mini-player (think screen-in-screen functionality) for the multitasker in all of us.
    • Enable and encourage content portability - to iDevices, PMPs (portable media players), Media Extenders, etc.
    • Fix bugs (in all fairness this is a beta test) in streams off network sites.
    • Deliver custom web based player with access to home computer content through existing partnership with YourMinis.
  4. Build out stronger subscription model
    • Bake in RSS and Rich Media RSS (vodcast) functionality within the player, library and playlists - and make sure this functionality is easy to access and use.
    • Enable ad-free subscriptions to network television content - think $30 for a season long subscription to a show - rather than one off purchases currently available on iTunes.
  5. Partner with Orb to deliver Slingbox type place shifting to mobile phones, next gen gaming devices, media extenders, other computers and all other flash enabled internet devices.
  6. Become the go-to-media-guy
    • Become the streaming and downloaded content media center/aggregator for all of your digital content.
    • Playback locally stored content through innovative new software solution - mirror both iTunes and Windows Media Player content in a single integrated solution.  This would allow users to access both their Windows Media DRM and Apple DRM content within a single player.
    • By aggregating subscription content (podcasts and vodcasts), streaming content and new downloads (The Office off of AmazonUnbox and Greys Anatomy off iTunes) in a single window, the user has the ultimate control over their playlist. 
      • Streaming this content via Orb will allow users to take this playlist with them to go.

But these are just my thoughts.  I'd love to hear yours!
So check it out, download it, play with it, and please share your  feedback for next steps you would like to see Veoh take!