this is the life
when the ____ hits the fan

spamming your way to success

FallSo Quechup spammed everyone(link courtesy of Digital Hive)

And I don't know about you, but I don't think too many of us would even consider using their service.

ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND, they flooded my inbox with spam or the worst kind: spam that uses the names of those I trust and respect.

So if you were Quechup what would you do?

5 Next Steps for Quechup

  1. Apologize - both on your website to new users and via email to everyone who's names you used in your spam emails.
    • Make it real and sincere, anything less you're just wasting ink.
  2. Change your terms of service - nobody will knowingly give away ownership of everything they write, nor will they give their address books or their own names for usage in spam.
  3. Never do this again - in the world of opt-in media, being evil gets you nowhere.
  4. Capitalize on the negative attention - by becoming a really good guy and giving away premium accounts to everyone you've wronged - free for one year, not 30 days, not 90 days, but one year.
    • If your product is any good and we do end up using it regularly, we probably won't mind paying a bit for it (or downgrading to a standard account) in a year from now - after 12 months of positive experiences. 
      • This should be standard practice in all new social networks.  We come to experience, we stay because they become part of our lives.
    • And even if we don't stay, Quechup REALLY needs to build some good will if they still want to be around tomorrow.
  5. Change your name and your message
    1. Rebrand, rebrand, rebrand (not three times, just doing this for emphasis), then relaunch with a better, more organic and friendly message.

OR you could jump headfirst into the deadpool.

Chances are this will happen anyway (unless you have an exceptionally  amazing  product), and doing nothing is a surefire way to speed up this process. 

But that's just me, what about you?  Any thoughts? 

What would Quechup have to do to get you in the door?