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double standards - marketing in social media

Zoom_vick_19 Major brands have historically been hesitant to play in UGC and/or social media because of unknown content adjacency concerns.

I can understand not advertising on Howard Stern.

I can understand not marketing in Grand Theft Auto.

I don't understand a hesitancy to play in UGC.

Your customers are in social media. 
Your audience is in social media. 
Do you (big brand) really not trust your customers enough to trust them their social behaviors?

HOWEVER, these same brands sponsor sporting events where fighting, cursing and drinking are common! And why? Because sports is a family activity.  Families bring their kids, YMCAs bring their constituents.  The environment in most social media is not inherently dirty, just as the environment at the ballgame is not inherently obscene.  If spectators at a ball game choose to pollute the social environment, brands won't pull their sponsorships.  If a player chooses to do something obscene, brands won't spot sponsoring the sport as a whole. 

So why can't we cross this divide when it comes to social media?