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fun fridays... on Thursday

I know, it's not yet Friday, but I feel like starting the weekend early, so here goes... enjoy!

Just came across this awesome video.  Think - We Didn't Start The Fire goes 2.0 - with everything viral.  I think I recognize a few too many of these clips.

Kudos to Katie Konrath for her insightful post on innovative lessons learned from a shoplifting seagull.  Video below:

I don't know about you, but I think this (see below) is going to bring the Microsoft Surface functionality to an airport waiting area near you VERY soon (where else do you have time to stand around and interact with a wall?).  How cool would it be to play with a brand/read your news/watch video and create whole new worlds of as yet undiscovered interactions?  This may change the way we interact, the way we compute, the way we input, and the way we brandvertise. 

In other news, the TV show 24 posted their teaser for Season 7.  It looks like they ran out of plot lines, but this one looks compelling enough.  Where can they go from here?