double standards - marketing in social media

around the blogosphere : 10-23

  • And soon Google Docs?  How about Zoho?  How about *shudder* YouTube subscriptions?  Granted, this is still a couple years away, but this is why the Gphone will rock!
  • Why can't we just embed WiFi and and ethernet connection on our TVs and get it over with?  Stream our content to, from and over our home networks and cut out the middle man!  Our set top boxes are already going digital... let's just get this over with.
  • There are so many reasons... but the common need is for a system that speaks to our computer's digital media in the same way that our computers do.  We want to play everything we own, not everything we bought in your format.  When will we learn?
  • Digital Evolution: WWII was filmed, Vietnam was televised, the Gulf War was televised live, the current Iraq war is being blogged and the California fires are being twittered.