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fun friday - diving right in!

For years I've dreamed of swimming in Jello.  As a lifeguard (when I was teenager) we frequently debated how many packets of Jello it would take to fill a pool.  We even tried to figure out when it would be cool enough at night to turn the entire pool into the sliquidy perfection true Jello swimming would require.  Let's just say, we had a lot of time on our hands and really liked Disney (Mickey Mouse swims in Jello in an old movie).

So it's been a long week (NY, East Norwalk and Detroit) and as I'm closing up shop, I come across the video below.  It may not be swimming in Jello, but it's as close as I'm going to get until a bunch of teenagers find enough money to buy 13,642 packets of Jello.

And what post about Jello would be complete without some vintage J-E-L-L-O Cosby goodness?

SO, it's Friday, really getting closer to end of day Friday... and we all need some great throwback video.  I'm not up on this band, but their name has popped up a number of times and I've got to say, I love that 70s-80s vibe.  Check out D.A.N.C.E. on Kimmel below.

And if this wasn't kool enough (cool with a k makes it quite the hip comment), check out their music video below.  This is just too cool!

And speaking of too cool, this video below is just freaky.  In addition to featuring amazing CGI, there is a fairly deep statement being made around the role media is playing in our own thoughts, expression and the sentiment expressed therein.