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Early Disclosure: AmEx is a client, but that in no way impacted the post below.

Kudos to Digital Hive for sharing the amazing ad below.

OK, so hopefully by now you've watched the video above.

It's cute, it's personable, it spoke to me and hopefully spoke to you.


Because we all have an inner child.  We are all funky in our own way.  We all have an inner circle of friends who "get" us.  When I told a co-worker that I was going to my friend's 25th birthday party - and it was a costume party shared with his 5 year old half-sister - I got weird looks.  This co-worker clearly wasn't in my inner circle of funky friends. My college buddies however, all thought that this was hilarious.  They got me.

MasterCard has taken an apply-approval-acceptance-spend/loyalty product and made it all about you, the user.

MasterCard is sending a clear message: we get you. They didn't however, go the route of many other brands and come out and say - we get you - which to me screams of inauthenticity.  They didn't have to come out and say it, because they emoted it.  I'm not sure that emoted is even a word, but I think emoted is a term we're going to increasingly be using as we transition from disruptive advertising to active branding and content marketing.