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the dove onslaught

Dove_logo Oglivy is doing some fantastic work with these Dove videos.  While their newest work, Onslaught  (see below) is not quite as shocking as their Evolution piece, it delivers to a more targeted and possibly influential audience: parents.  Whereas Evolution was a mass audience phenomena raising awareness around an issue and largely targeting adults, Onslaught looks and feels like an extremely well produced anti-smoking campaign - complete with the "talk to your children" tagline. 

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the video below and firmly believe that it will be significantly impact-full against the target audience, generating parental discussions with children and gaining an additional foothold as "our brand" , almost like a family heirloom or relationship that is passed on from mothers to daughters. 

But I'm still a fairly new parent, what about you guys?  Would this video be something you would shared with your children?