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the human element

Hands In our world of tech, we as marketers, brands and individuals often forget that we're selling to and interacting with individual humans.

This is why authenticity works.  This is why the Wii sells (it's all about the immersion, not the technical abilities).  This is why some messages hit home while others make us antsy (that one could just be me).

Chris Brogan has an amazing series of 3 posts, (all from today) that highlight this point. 

  • Hugs are real.  Hugs are human.  Sincere hugs are connection that welcome and make you feel at home.
  • We work to live.  We connect digital to join and enhance our lives as a supplement to our real world dreams and pursuits, not as a primary driving force in our lives.
  • Picking up the phone is more human than the typed word.  While it may occasionally annoy co-workers, I always prefer in-person drop-byes to phone calls, and prefer phone calls to email.  Email may be easier if you're in a time crunch, but real interactions are always more meaningful and directive.

So check these posts out, I found them to be incredibly meaningful. 

Please feel free to shamelessly promote you're own blogs, posts and thoughts around this subject in the comments!

And with that, I'm out!  Have a great weekend!