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spam is not a sales tool, it's an annoyance

Disclaimer: The advise I am about to dispense is in no way meant to offend, but rather should be viewed as constructive advice for generating strong sales leads.  As I say at the end of this letter, if you would like to reach me or any other new media blogger, the best way to get through is by joining the conversation, posting relevant comments on our blogs and becoming an organic part of our networks where appropriate.  If you would like to discuss your own pitch please feel free to email me.

Open Letter To Emerging Properties Sales Teams

As a tech enthusiast, early adopter and overall geek, I'm generally a sucker for digital toys and goodies.  I regularly enjoy meeting with emerging properties and working together to build out advertiser/marketer friendly solutions.   But I've got to say, if you're going to sell a product, please do us all a favor and actually SELL it! 

How many times a week do we get spammed about "new", "innovative", "product 'x' killers"?

And these emails generally look alike!  These companies generally sell themselves as the "next generation" of something already around, but way better (for all-too-often unsubstantiated reasons).  I'm sure your product is great, and I'd love to meet with many of you and learn more about what you have to offer, but please do both of us a favor and consider your pitch from our perspective. 

We get these emails all the time. The buzzwords you're using build excitement have become so commonplace that they are now at best white noise.  Think of it in terms of you're own lives, how often do you click on a banner ad asking you to shoot the monkey and win an XBOX 360?  This is the 2.0 marketer equivalent of "next gen innovative convergent 2.0 solution".

So here's some free advice: either write to stand out, clearly and succinctly summing up your offering and unique value proposition, or pick up the phone and make a direct connection.  If you don't have our numbers, the least you could do would be to write an email that doesn't feel like a form letter.  Of course the more creative and personable you are in your presentation and pitch the more your product will stand out.  You're a marketer, you're a sales person, and we recognize your position.  We're not looking for a silver bullet solution to all our problems nor do we expect you to provide us with one; but we do expect you to market to us as individuals with unique needs.

We are all busy working people with tight schedules. If you really want to make an impression and get that client or sale, prioritize your efforts.  Rather than shooting off a form email to hundreds of contacts on a list you either bought or got from an associate who once met with me, take some time and learn a bit about my business, read a couple of posts on my blog and then write a letter that communicates your understanding of both my business and my needs.

Back to your own lives, wouldn't you be more likely to respond to someone who called you with an interesting offer at a time that was convenient for you, than to reply to junk mail?  Your pitches and products are greater than junk mail!  Let's market them as such! 

Towards that end, if you have a product and would like some feedback on your pitch, please feel to free to send me an email and ask for help!  Bloggers as a group are generally very open and friendly, we're accessible and available, dispensing free advise on a daily basis.  Comment on our blogs and we will see your name, join the conversation and we will know who you are.  It's always easier to make a meaningful pitch to an old friend!