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future visions: when the web lives beyond the browser

The Web is a place where possibility meets reality.

Believe it or not, the web really is a series of tubes. 

When many of us think of the web, we think of the browser.

But the web is greater, the web is stronger.  The web is the connection.

The web delivers newer, smarter, free-er, independent abilities beyond both our hardware and software manufacturer's greatest imaginations.  The web is open, massive and offers unlimited opportunity.

The web residing application powers our social networking, our browsing, our publishing, our communications, our lives.  The web takes the stationary and makes it mobile, makes it portable, breaks down walls and smooths out mountains for newcomers while generating new ones for traditional giants.

Towards this end:

  • Twitter isn't anything new, it's just another connection that works within the limits of our mobile connectivity.
  • A Metaverse is nothing new, it's just a graphical representation of the text (and at times flat-2D video) world we lived in.  The Metaverse is to the traditional browser as Windows 3.1 or the Apple II was to DOS.
  • The iPhone is revolutionary in it's design but it's greatest strength lies in web developers' embrace of the platform to distribute the web as an experience, as an interaction, as an open ended connection - not as a browser. 

Widgets may live today in our personal and social network pages largely within browser, but the distributed web will fuel the 2.0 - 3.0 transition.

So in a sense, web 3.0 isn't about the destination, but the experience of the living and breathing organism that is the web - the connectivity, the openness, the power of the (distributed) interaction that is the web experience.