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imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

First Ford created the commercial below (feed and emails readers - it's after the jump).

Then some "fans" created the video below, sparking a rash of embeds and comments (going viral).

Following the rash of speculation over how this "fan clip" was accomplished, two follow up behind the scenes videos were published (below).

Call this insider skepticism, but does anyone out there really believe a couple of guys went out and got a crane in an effort to create their own version of the Ford video?  Something is missing here, ahem hem

My skepticism aside, if this really was fan imitation then hats off to Ford's creative agency on inspiring a viral hit!

around the blogosphere : 11-28

  • How does the 80/20 rule impact the monetization strategy for the long tail?  Is all of the longtail useless or un-monetizable?  Just as with all generalizations, they are all useless.  Long tail value is all about the quality of the long tail network, and site aggregators bringing them together, not blanket grouping of - everything else.  That's like saying that cable television is useless.  Just because it's not network, doesn't mean there isn't a valuable audience.

next gen interactivity

I have never seen fun interactive video.

So how do you make next-gen video compelling?

By doing something new, something compelling, something people will want to share and play with... something like this (hey email and feed readers, video is after the jump):

And for an extra dose of fun, put yourself on a magazine cover here.

Kudos to Gavin for sharing!

perspectives on digital media

Moments There are so many "you had to be there" moments of beautiful humanity in our daily lives.

Just this morning I saw a three or four year old giving a quarter to a homeless man in NYC.  Even without the visual, I can still share these moments with you.

Digital media extends these moments of wonder, highlighting the best (and worst) of who and what we are to the fore. 

Digital media is the great equalizer, bringing everything, old and new, to everyone, all the time. 

Digital media is more than exponential, more than portable, more than sociable, it is remarkable.

After stumbling across the video below, I just had to share.  With all the controversy surrounding professional sports over the past year (steroids, dog fighting, spying etc.), THIS has to be one of the greatest sports moments of the past year.

around the blogosphere : 11-26

  • Bloggers are champions of the people, not heroes.  A hero saves lives, a hero puts him or herself at risk, to better humanity.  A hero puts it all on the lines.  I love all of you guys, but bloggers aren't heroes.
  • This is something I've been waiting for.  Now, how about aggregated blog printing - RSS reader unread articles printing?  And how about a weekly pdf of the best of the blogosphere?

blog everything/nothing day - support it by blogging!

In support and solidarity with the WGA, I'm joining

That being said, I will still be commenting on other blogs and possibly even posting later today.

And my reason for doing so is this:
Writers are writing one way entertainment.  Blogging is a two way conversation.  To stop blogging for an entire day, to stop commenting, to stop talking is to kill the conversation.  Just by posting about this day, we are in fact conversing, we are blogging. 

So show your support - blog about Blog Nothing Day. 
    And then continue blogging away.

Bloggers are social media creators but we are also participants and spectators. 
To stop posting would be unnatural and uneventful, not to mention unnoticeable. 
    Nobody notices a silent protest.
        So let's speak up!