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around the blogosphere : 11-26

blog everything/nothing day - support it by blogging!

In support and solidarity with the WGA, I'm joining

That being said, I will still be commenting on other blogs and possibly even posting later today.

And my reason for doing so is this:
Writers are writing one way entertainment.  Blogging is a two way conversation.  To stop blogging for an entire day, to stop commenting, to stop talking is to kill the conversation.  Just by posting about this day, we are in fact conversing, we are blogging. 

So show your support - blog about Blog Nothing Day. 
    And then continue blogging away.

Bloggers are social media creators but we are also participants and spectators. 
To stop posting would be unnatural and uneventful, not to mention unnoticeable. 
    Nobody notices a silent protest.
        So let's speak up!