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around the blogosphere : 11-05

  • Possibly his best cartoon yet!  If Wall Street is utilizing a Chase The Shiny Nickel Strategy, we might yet have a bubble... bummer.
  • Lawyers aren't all evil.  They are part of a system, a system worth fighting to preserve.  It's great to see lawyers standing for something worth standing up for and fighting the noble fight.  Can we bring some of them back stateside?  We could really use an influx of morally adjusted lawyers back here!
  • I've been following this one for years.  The first year or two was a total bust.  It takes time for new technologies to take off.  Early success doesn't equal perfection, early success is all about experimentation.  So let's all take a breath and enjoy progress for what it is before we jump on the X-new product under-delivers bandwagon (think: Second Life, Hulu, Twitter, Utterz, Open Social etc.). - disclosure - GM/Chevy is a client