around the blogosphere : 11-26
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perspectives on digital media

Moments There are so many "you had to be there" moments of beautiful humanity in our daily lives.

Just this morning I saw a three or four year old giving a quarter to a homeless man in NYC.  Even without the visual, I can still share these moments with you.

Digital media extends these moments of wonder, highlighting the best (and worst) of who and what we are to the fore. 

Digital media is the great equalizer, bringing everything, old and new, to everyone, all the time. 

Digital media is more than exponential, more than portable, more than sociable, it is remarkable.

After stumbling across the video below, I just had to share.  With all the controversy surrounding professional sports over the past year (steroids, dog fighting, spying etc.), THIS has to be one of the greatest sports moments of the past year.