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how could anything be better

I've got a bed, a fridge, a bank account, a computer and live on over $2 a day. I'm one of the few, lucky, incredibly privileged people on this planet. Think I'm crazy?  Check out the fantastic video below (feed readers, you know what to do).

Tonight is a special night.  Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, the Jewish Holiday celebrating the victory of a handful of religious scholars, men who stood fast in their religious and moral convictions, who stood up to an oppressive superpower and were ultimately victorious.  These men were family men, they were scholars, they were priests.  They were not warriors.  But they had something worth living for, something worth dieing for: their beliefs, their freedom, their religion.  Together, a handful of men overthrew the world superpowerHistorically this was the first war fought over moral imperative.

Just two nights ago I heard about a a young man and religious scholar who passed away after years of battling cancer.  He left behind a large family.  The charitable campaign I encountered didn't ask for a check, they asked for a commitment.  They asked that you pledge a dollar amount weekly, monthly or yearly to help support this man's family.  This was both smart marketing and brilliant charity.  This family will not have a one-time infusion of cash, but an ongoing stream of donations for years to come.  While I do not know this family, I could not help but contribute.  A few fewer dollars in my wallet every month will go unnoticed to me, but in aggregate can make a world of a difference for a family in need.

So please, share your holiday joy with those in need.  While you're out spending on holiday gifts, remember those who cannot afford to give gifts.  Share the love.