why is the record industry still chasing waterfalls?
near-term late night tv predictions

around the blogosphere : 12-31

  • At first I tried reading every great, relevant blog, but I lost the ability to comprehend and more importantly, to digest and internalize.  Then I tried reading a select few blogs, but I lost my broad perspective.  Now I'm reading a select few, scanning a few more and filing the rest away for a rainy day.  Any ideas on how to read and retain all this worthwhile material while still being productive?
  • Hey boys and girls, THIS is how you get the word out to the world about your offering.  It's (a) personable, (b) buzz worthy, (c) attention grabbing and (d) unique.  Am I missing anything here?
  • Here's your homework: take this post and share it with at least 5 people in your company.  Write a cute note about how you think some people on their team should read it and they will pass it along.  At the end of the day, everyone will be that much smarter and you won't look like a snob.  Kudos Matt, great post!