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peas for charity


Susan Reynolds is undergoing surgery today as part of her fight against breast cancer.

She shared a story of how she used a bag of frozen peas to soothe herself after her biopsy.  Then the news came.  But there's hope in the form of community and a symbolic gesture of adopting the pea.  Changing the world is hard because nobody wants to start with just one person. Where's the glory in that?

But it only takes an act of kindness.  So before you leave, pleas consider doing the following:
1. Go here
2. Do something.
3. Spread the word.

- excerpted from David Armano's Logic + Emotion Blog

2007: the year that tech became popular

Sure, we all had iPods in 2006.

But how many times had we read about technology in Newsweek, Time or the local newspaper?

Pre-2007 technology was a fringe of pop culture. 
2007 brought technology into mainstream pop culture.

We saw the pop culture hype around:

  • Second Life
  • Facebook
  • the iPhone
  • the Wii
  • Online Gaming (casual and massive multiplayer)
  • Traditional media powerhouses begin transitioning into digital models
  • RSS Readers (they were around, but nowhere near as prevalent)
  • Bloggers recognition in traditional media
  • Digital privacy concerns
  • The rise and crest of UGC
  • YouTube expose's
  • The You Tube 15 seconds of fame (Leave Brittney Alone!!!)

Did I miss anything?

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