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social media 101: holiday etiquette

People send out holiday cards for ONE simple reason: to maintain a relationship; be it a friendship, family or professional.

Junk_mail15 years ago, NOBODY would have sent out a an impersonal, mass produced, pre-recorded message that didn't even feature your own voice or the name of the addressee.

This year, I got TENS of junk ecards from sales people.  They cluttered my inbox when I wanted to get out of the office.  They were an annoyance.  They generated anything BUT goodwill.

How did this breakdown of social etiquette occur?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, because I for one am at a loss.

Key Takeaway: Communications are only as effective as they are meaningful.

If someone produces a video especially for you, it is meaningful.

If someone composes a handwritten note personalized to you, it has some meaning.

If someone includes a personal picture that is of meaning to you, it has meaning.

The Golden Rule:  Generic communications work well for computers, not for people.  If you're selling yourself or your company to a PERSON, make it PERSONABLE.

If your message isn't impactful, what are you really accomplishing?


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