coercion vs. persuasion
cutting the wrong corners - local marketing 101

telling a compelling story in under 60 seconds

Firstly, props to Gill for sharing the video below.

Brands can and should be delivering content, as long as it is compelling and unintrusive.

Take the video below for example (feed readers, it's after the jump)

If this were to run as pre-roll I would be annoyed. If this were to run as mid-roll I was be VERY annoyed.  If this were to run as post-roll I probably would never see it. 

However, as a piece of stand-alone content, it would be fantastic.  It's compelling, it tells a story, and most importantly, it creates a meaningful impression, delivering that WOW factor that make videos go viral.

Key Takeaway: bad content will flop.  Good content will do acceptably well.  Great content will succeed.  As always, content is king; but it is the execution that can ultimately deliver success.