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8 in '08 - things you may not know about me

So I got tagged by Scott Monty for 8 things you may not know about me.

  1. I was the captain of my High School's Debate Team.  However, as this was an all boy's school and debates were co-ed, this was a popular position to be in (trust me).
  2. I enjoy soft color tones.  Not like them, ENJOY them.  I don't know why, but the right earthy red or pure slate blue just puts me in the best of moods.
  3. I cannot grow a mustache.  I've tried, it comes in all splotchy.
  4. I celebrate Shabbat (Jewish sabbath) every Friday Night through Saturday Night.  That means no computers, no cell phones, no driving, no cooking, just family, friends, singing and prayer.  And THAT'S why I won't be able to make the blogger social (sorry ya'll).
  5. I did two years of college at an accredited Yeshiva (religious school) in Israel.
  6. Over those two years in Israel, I narrowly missed (was just a block away) from two horrible terrorist attacks. 
  7. I'm addicted to music.  I play guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet, the Irish whistle, and used to play the drums. I also used to sing semi-professionally. 
  8. I had a SEVERE speech impediment as a child.  NOBODY other than my parents and my brother understood me.  Years of speech therapy have eliminated this impediment.  These days, I think some people would be much happier had I forgotten how to speak.

Wow, that's a lot about me.  How about you?  Let's share the love!  I'd like to hear from (am tagging) Katie Konrath, Ryan Karpeles, Adrath Albee, Gavin Heaton, Barry Schwartz, and Allen!  Looking forward to hearing from you all.