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PS3 as a Tivo + SlingBox - PlayTV (w/ video)

PlayTV is a hardware add on that allows any PS3 to record AND stream live TV (video below).  You can also perform a wireless sync to a PSP.  Now THIS is where Tivo and Xbox 360 need to go next.

Think about the power of wireless syncing of pre-recorded content to your Zune. 

Better yet, how about offering this add-on free, coupled with relevant advertising.

And how relevant would this advertising be? How about...,

  • advertising targeted to your online behavior as determined by MSN,
  • your TV viewing and recording and determined by your embedded DVR solution,
  • your purchased content as determined by your Xbox360 and Zune Store,
  • your social network as determined by MSN and Zune Social,
  • your tastes in music as determined by your most played in Windows Media Player and your Zune,
  • and let's not forget, your tastes in video games. 

Let's just say, this could be extremely well targeted advertising. 

Or you could just pay for the premium ad-free service.

PlayTV Video (after the jump)