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should parents post pics and vids of kids?

Imagine the embarrassment of being 15 years old and having a friend "dig up" a cutesy YouTube video of your childhood.  This is the 2.0 version of your parents whipping out the naked baby pictures.  It's just not cool.

Just last night I was speaking with a number of young, new parents (all of us fairly web savvy) and most of us have generally refrained from publicly posting too much about our kids.  What's cute today could easily become dangerous tomorrow.

For example:

A little while back, a co-worker posted a video of his infant son in the bath.  This video was posted for family around the world to view.  Within a couple of days it had accumulated a startling number of hits (in the thousands).  He pulled the video.

Where do you draw the line between sharing your kids with a trusted and familiar circle, and creating publicly available media that can be shared in a dangerous or hauntingly freakish forum?

And now... some very cute videos of kids.
3 Year Old Explaining Star Wars

Charlie Bit Me

Buhlud! (this is funny)

Hey Jude (as performed by a 3 yr old)

Laughing Quadruplets

Evil Look

Best Baby Laugh Ever