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storytelling in Twitter : bitesized content, real value

Yahoo_2 How would YOU tell a meaningful story in 140 characters or less? Could YOU do it?  This is the challenge many brands face when considering micro-blogging activation - beyond listening alone.

And this challenge isn't new.  One of my teammates (an early mover in the SMS space) recently shared the following memory: 

Way back when, in the early days of SMS, one of the major international news organizations rejected the SMS platform entirely because "Nobody can tell a story in this (shotform) manner."  It's a decade later, and they are now a major player in the SMS News Alerts vertical.

Not much has changed.  I regularly find myself speaking with people in the digital media world who question the marketing value of Twitter.  Needless to say, I was a huge Twitter proponent, often presenting brands playing in Twitter and delivering value to the community in my presentations. 

Then I came across the follow Twitter stream.  I don't know Ryan Kuder, but there is an amazing amount of humanity in these ~20 Tweets.

Y! layoffs today, I'm "impacted". I'm heading into work to pack my desk, get my severance paperwork and hand in my badge...more to come.       

  On the plus side, my commute just got a lot shorter.       

  Ironic that I just got my PC repaired yesterday.  Won't be needing that anymore.       

  Walking around saying good bye to some great people and good friends.       

  This is a serious downer.  Trying to drown it in free lattes.  Which I will miss.       

  Waiting for the call from HR so I can go pick up my paperwork....C'mon, c'mon!  I'm busy here!  Let's get this over with.       

Thanks to everyone sending the positive tweets. I've got plenty of free time now so just let me know if you want to meet up for lunch.       

  Ugh.  I have a 1GB flash drive and 2GB files to back up.  That is teh suck.       

  Heading into my HR meeting.  The room is called Lucy.  Cute, eh?       

  Finishing meeting with HR.  Need to go clear out desk now.       

  Dammit.  I was hoping to hook up the free Flickr Pro account before I got canned.  Major fail.       

  Taking my last walk through URLs.  Remember that time we sat in that booth to review ad yields?  That was great...       

  Lots of whispered conversations.  Like people are afraid to ask who's gone.       

Dear Blackberry, What great times we had. I'll miss you. At least until tonight when I stop on my way home and buy an iPhone. Love, Me

I'm going dark in a few minutes.  The HR guy is on his way over to confiscate my laptop.

  Oh...and my badge.  He's going to take that too.  Will I be able to get a latte for the road still?

  Last free triple non-fat latte from Beantrees.  Sniff.  <wipes tear>

  Signing off from Yahoo!.  Fade to black...