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the tv of tomorrow : 1953 (w/ video)

Olde_tv Yesterday's absurdity often becomes today's reality. 

In 1953 Tex Avery created a cartoon around the future of television (see below).  While much of this cartoon was meant as satire, a surprising amount of this content has come to fruition.

Consider the list below.  The primary bullets are points made in 1953.  The secondary bullets reflect the view from 2008.

  • TVs embedded on kitchen appliances.
    • Speculation around "the connected home"
  • Home's built around TVs
    • Computers are networked around homes
  • One simple knob controls your TV
    • One simple scroll wheel controls your iPod
  • Designers face issues of complexity in "simple" interfaces
    • Have you used a media center remote?
  • TVs that are tailored to user preferences
    • Differentiated portable media players with larger/smaller sizes and functions
  • TVs that can fix themselves
    • Firmware updates and remote assistance
  • Guests and friends who think they can tune your picture to perfection
    • Guests and friends who think they can figure out your 7 remotes
  • A nice TV set with a ridiculously large and ugly external antenna.
    • Beautifully simplistic flat screens with miles of ugly wires
  • A TV that serves as the fourth member of your card game
    • Social gaming
  • A set that addresses the privacy issues associated with video chat
    • Nowadays we call it the "video off" button
  • A set that disposes of annoying commercials
    • We call it Tivo
  • Too many channels, nothing to watch compelling
    • Sounds like last night.
  • TV and the movies get a little too similar
    • And that's another reason why I will never watch Terminator: The Sarach Connor Chronicles
  • Multitasking viewers under perform at their primary task
    • See Greg V's post here.
  • Fishing with a fishing rod via a TV set
    • One word: Wii
  • Gambling through your TV
    • Online gambling
  • With all the diversity, technology is worthless without compelling content
    • Wow.

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