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links for 2008-04-25

when startups grow up

First_stepsStartups are fun.  There is a wonder and an excitement to living in world of limitless possibility.  Sure, you'll hit a few hiccups, your service may occasionally crash, but at the end of the day the world is your oyster and beta users are ready and willing to roll with a few stumbles.

And if all goes well, you're offering will take off.  You may even grow to user base in the low millions... over your first year or two.  You hopefully will become part of people's lives.  The capital is flowing, your user base is growing, and hopefully your product is maturing.  Life is great.

But at what point, do we as users, do we as a market, expect "maturity"? 

At what point can we expect startups to operate stably? 

At what point can we expect Twitter and Technorati to become stable, reliable offerings? 

At what point does one cease to be a "startup" and become a bona fide traditional business?

Kudos to Craig Daitch for starting this conversation.

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