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Photo Credit It's Tuesday.  Work goes on as usual.

But life shouldn't be "as usual".

Life is a blessing.

So please, take a minute and take stock. 
    Appreciate everything you have. 
        Appreciate everything you are.

Feel the love that is in your life. 
    Share that love. 
        Pick up a phone, send an IM, or Tweet it to the world. 

But whatever you do, never stop sharing that blessing.

There is enough pain and sadness in this world to melt a thousand hearts.

But it only takes one smile, one hug, one word of kindness, to change someone's entire life.

- - - - - - - - -

As a Torah-Observant Jew, I try to pray with a quorum three times a day.  In Brooklyn, NY there is a synagogue popularly known as "Landau's".  This synagogue offers round the clock prayer services, starting every 15-30 minutes nearly 24 hours a day. 

The rotating doors of Landau's create an inviting environment for the less fortunate among us.  The needy regularly congregate by the front doors, collecting charity from the passerby and prayer-goers. 

Yesterday I picked up an amazing piece of literature.  Among the many worthwhile charities, was a local charity that went the extra mile.  This charity stocks a full supermarket for the needy.  Shoppers are given standard shopping carts, and shop in an anonymous and welcome supermarket shopping environment.  And here's the kicker: there is no checkout.  Everything is donated or community sponsored. 

This charity goes beyond giving to the needy.
They support the needy as people, not as mouths to be filled.

Whether it be charitable work, or for-profit marketing, there is a lesson to be learned here. 

We are all people.  It's time we treat each other as such.
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