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personal value propositions

Handshake People often ask me what I do.  Tough question. 

I am a father.  I am husband.  I am religiously committed.  I am an Emerging Channels/Emerging Media Specialist with a leading Digital Marketing Shop.  I am a digital social media participant.  I am an early technology adopter.  I am a trend tracker and part time futurist/realist.  I am a marketer.  I am a strategist.  I am a connector.  I am a musician.  I am a dreamer.  I am me.

Chances are, when someone is asking me this question, they aren't looking for all of the above.  They are really asking - "How do you define yourself?" or more likely, "How are you relevant to me?"  One answer will not fit all people.  To my close friends I am Jon, to my co-workers I hope to be a resource, and to my family I try my best to be the best Me I can be.

Think about your own personal statements.  Think about your own personal and professional value propositions.  How do these statements mirror your capabilities?  How do these propositions socially and professionally position YOU in a competitive market?  What are your core capabilities?  How does your value statement reflect the equity you bring to the table towards the prospective relationship you are discussing?

Below please find my 3 Rules for Personal Branding

1) I am in sales.

  • If you aren't selling yourself, if you aren't your own best salesperson, you aren't going to get to where you want to be.

2) I am in marketing.

  • Like any brand, you need to have personal deliverables.  You need to have personal goals, and optimize your efforts accordingly.  The brand known as YOU lives in a competitive marketplace.  How are you positioning yourself?

3) I am in the business of empowerment.

  • Relationships that aren't built on love are largely centered around the value you bring to the table.  Determine where your value lies.  Determine how you can best empower your customers, your network, your company, your employer, delivering the strongest value.  How do you empower your contacts?  How do you bring equity to the table?

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