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rinse and repeat - sustainabile WOM

True_love Most loving relationships kick off with a WOW phase.

20 years of marriage later, the WOW is now deeper, more real, more permanent.  But it isn't the viral "tell all my friends about him/her" WOW of infatuation, it is the deeply embedded wow of a meaningful relationship. 

Newlyweds talk about their spouses in glowing terms to anyone who will listen.  Most people who have been married for a lifetime don't shout their love from the rooftops, yet it exists deeply in their hearts.  What does this tell us about relationships, and how does this impact marketing?

Think about your marketing efforts.  Where is your loyalty play?  How do you encourage WOM among a loyal and familiar audience?  Is it possible to have your cake (loyalty) and eat it to (gain WOM from this group in an ongoing manner)?

Can brands deliver sustainable WOW?  Can a relationship become one of enamor, respect or awe in a sustainable fashion?  Can a brand constantly over-deliver, constantly WOW the customer, without the WOW become a yawn?  Sure, you can refresh your creative, but can a relationship built on WOW alone be sustainable?

Or is a sustainable relationship about initial WOW and consistent follow through on every occasional WOW moment - that special night out, that amazing vacation, that special gift just because?

Kudos to Brandon Schauer for bringing up the subject in the beautiful presentation embedded below (after the jump). For a quick summary, check out Whitney's bullet list.