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life without the internet (w video)

A month ago my laptop died.  While I was in a state of occasional disconnect, my life changed.

Without regular internet access, life changed.  Suddenly,

  • I needed to ask PEOPLE for directions.
  • My home phone stopped working.
  • My social life changed.
  • My wife couldn't study for her NCLEX Nursing Exam.
  • My wife couldn't access her coursework from school.
  • We couldn't order baby-proofing solutions from Babies R Us or Amazon.
  • We couldn't share pictures or videos of our son with my parents.
  • I couldn't post, Tweet or more importantly, read digital social media from home.

Our lives were disconnected.

What would your life be like without the internet?  How would our lives change if the entire web went down for one day?

South Park may satirically humorous, but I don't know that they are too far off.  Enjoy the video below!

Kudos to Annie Heckenberger for sharing.