experience planning and the perception differential
teaching someone to need - pavlov, marketing & recession

next gen marketing checklist

  • Multiple data-point aggregation
    • Dynamic cross channel tracking, segmentation, learning and activation
  • Smart segmentation and automated high level trending of data
  • Live optimization across all marketing efforts
  • Mobile and email alerts around campaign or market volatility
  • Volatility planning (What to do in case of extreme of last minute emergencies and/or opportunities)
  • Smart tool built on historical performance to balance push, pull and branding across multiple channels
  • Perception Differential Planning
    • Experiential and contextual relevancy scoring
    • Lifestream micro-targeting
    • Point-of-interaction design strategy
  • Cross-channel integrated planning (while maintaining channel tailored experiences and messaging)
  • Dynamic sequencing across multiple channels
  • Advanced behavioral, psychographic and/or social tracking, learning and activation
  • Incremental innovation planning
  • Flexibile progression planning (how does your offering adapt to where it should be tomorrow without hurting the business today?)