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"problems" are in the eye of the beholder

450 mm by 450 mm (18 in by 18 in) Handicapped ...

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We in the world of emerging media and technologies see the world as an opportunity.

We look for problems, holes we can fill.  Anything less than absolute connectivity, easy and intuitive access to everything, is a problem.

Anything less than always on, always maximal, is a disability. 

Disabilities are viewed as just that, disabilities.  However, not every challenge is a problem.  Not everything less than "maximal" is a disability.  Many challenges define who we are, define how we live, define where we're going and why we're here. 

Being less than perfect, that's what makes us human.  Striving for more, that's what gets us up in the morning.  But in the pursuit of greatness, we often lose sight of the value of a flaw, of a glitch, of an imperfection.

Every once in a while, wouldn't it be nice to jump of that treadmill and just be who you are?  Appreciate your challenges as part of yourself, and recognize the beauty in living life with challenges?

Kudos to Ahuvah Berger aka SabraAtHeart for sharing the amazing video below, inspiring this post.