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EA : when getting it wrong = getting it right

rethinking "new"

Perspectives Some will run towards it.

    Others will run in the other direction.

Some will stop everything and think about it

    Others will approach it with caution.

But what about you?  How do you approach new?

  • With age and experience often come stagnation and inflexibility.
  • With excitement, passion and freshness often come uncertainty.

Staying in the middle, living with the law of the golden mean, the golden average, is going to deliver average performance. 

Success will not be realized by limiting the excitement of the pink faced pimply new employee or fresh technology, nor will it be found in conducting "business as usual."  Success will be found in creating the right mix of old and new, the right culture of strategic excitement.

In today's agency world, where talent is often a transitional commodity and media is increasingly purchased at auction, success will be defined by the operational dynamic an agency employs rather than it's size alone.  Attracting top talent will always be a priority, and effective partnerships and leadership cannot be commoditized, but these are not what will define excellence.  Excellence will be defined by the dynamic mix of the old and the new, the experienced with the excited, the well worn and the fresh faced.

The business of doing business is changing.  And today, more than ever before, you have to ask yourself, "How do I react to new?"  What am I bringing to the table?  How am I leveraging my experience to strategically activate in a fresh, new way?

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