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bad blogging and AM talk radio

Old time radio Last night I was listening to AM radio and it wasn't sports or news... it was politics. 

Call me crazy, but every once in a while I like to hear an old man whine, yell and scream about the interwebs, the left wing bloggers, the gadgets and gizmos, the blueberries, etc. 

And believe it or not, I learned something: bad blogging is very similar to AM talk radio.

Similarities between bad bloggers and AM talk radio hosts

  • The host is often there to talk to, not with, their constituency.
  • The host strictly screens participants (and moderates their participation).
  • The host uses their position of power to talk over their participants.
  • The purpose of the conversation is to win the argument, not to discuss the real issues.
  • The host is broadcasting for broad reach, not broad conversation.
  • The host loves the sound of their own voice.

And the best part of all:

  • We can turn them off.

Am I missing anything?

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