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A coworker recently shared Perspctv, an automated political social buzz aggregator.   The data presented is clearly labeled, easily overwhelming, and of questionable value.

Key Insights
Predictably, more of the social content out there more is Obama/Democrat centric than McCain/Republican.  As the old adage goes, Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love.  Obama seems to be simply more remarkable, more sociable.  Or maybe Obama's constituency is just more digitally social.  Either way, there is clearly more buzz around Obama than McCain.

The Challenge
This information may prove virtually useless in the big picture.  Anyone can pull raw numbers, it takes skill to manage the data overload, to present clear and actionable/informative data.  Successful information management, whether it be social media intel, site design, presentation authoring, or writing an email, is key to success in today's world of information overload. 

Take a look at Perspctv.  What value/learnings do YOU see in the buzz?

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