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links for 2008-08-31

saying thank you

1278760904_48d1d4730d_b When someone holds the door open for you, you give them the nod.

When someone gives up their seat on the train for you, you say thank you.

When someone agrees to marry you, you give them a diamond.

When someone stays married to you, takes care of you, embraces your eccentricities and craziness, gives you a beautiful son, takes care of him, maintains a wonderful home despite crazy schedules and more... all while driving her professional ambition and passing her nursing boards... you run out of gift ideas.

I wish I could say I had that great original idea.  I wish I could say I remembered to backup the video of our engagement before our laptop crashed.  I wish I could say that tomorrow we are jumping on a plane and going to vacation in Eilat.  There are so many things I wish I could do, I wish I could say.

But tonight, there are only two words I can say. 

Thank you.  Happy second anniversary.