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if you socialize, will they share?

- If you build it, they may or may not come.

- If you market, they may or may not learn.

- If you give it away, will they share?

Johnny bunko Andy Sernovitz is running an interesting book promotion over at his blog.  Daniel Pink, the author of a new book is marketing his book by giving Andy 10 copies to give away. 

Seth Godin did something similar when he gave away 5 copies of his book The Dip to all those attending his promotional speaking tour.

Rohit Bhargava shared copies of his fantastic new book with select key voices in the social-media sphere.

This trend if both powerful and remarkable, but how does it speaking to marketing as a discipline?

  • Is this distributed equity the new social marketing dynamic? 
  • Is this a sustainable strategy? 
  • Is this a key strategic consideration in all future social media marketing planning? 
  • Does it work?