seth godin's marketing mistake (?)
seth godin taught me/us a lesson... for free

2 week to go and burned out

Election 2008 With just 2 weeks left to the election and all of the debates come and gone, both candidates will most likely jump into high gear, pushing every last constituent to vote and every potential swing voter to swing in their direction.

Now is the time to activate Facebook. 
Now is the time to get count down widgets blaring across the internet. 
Now is the time to re-ignite the passion of the public.
Now is the time to demonstrate that each candidate is compellingly personal.

It's crunch time.

Yet twitter conversations seem to be slowing and based on my observations, there looks to be some real market fatigue.  Most voters have already decided on a candidate and with little new fodder for discussion (post-debates), many have already lost their passion and excitement.

If you were a candidate, or a member of a candidate's PR/Marketing team, what would YOU DO?