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blogging isn't dead & twitter is not a challenger

22842835_03936ec905_o The value of twitter:

  • Twitter is great for short form conversation. 
  • Twitter enables instant, almost live interactivity. 
  • Twitter's short form, multi-platform, poorly threaded yet incredibly addicting conversations drive it's growing popularity.
  • And perhaps must importantly to the Twitter dynamic, it gives users an active window into one anothers' social circles, bringing diversity to our social experience while expanding our window into the collective consciousness.
But the rise of Twitter doesn't negate the value of blogging.

Nor does the rise of the professional blog, the magazine-like blog, or the near-live reporting blog (all of which generally dominate the Technorati rankings) decry the end of blogging.

40059195_eb90e8b53a_o Because blogging is not about the raw numbers, but about the value of the connectivity, the democratization of content, the forum, the voice of the little guy and in my case, the value of having a homepage all my own.  This is my forum for sharing my perspectives.  That is not something I can do on Twitter.   Twitter regularly inspires my blogging while all too often distracting me from blogging as well.  One is not mutually exclusive from the other.

Ask yourself, why am I blogging?  What am I seeking to gain?  Do I want to become the next Michael Arrington?  I'll tell you why I blog -

  • Putting my thoughts into words creates clarity in my outlook and vision
  • Community feedback makes me sound and look smarter in the workplace.
  • Participating in the blogging/social media meta-community drives my knowledge, brand and experience.
  • It's great for professional advancement. 
  • It's great for personal brand SEO.
  • It introduces me to new and exciting people.
  • I enjoy the self expression.
  • Being part of building something new is fun and exciting.

Blogging isn't dead and Twitter is a tool.  These are two pieces of the same pie - communications.  Whether we're on Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed or some other platform is irrelevant - so long as we have a means of hosting our own thoughts and communicating with others, it's all rock and roll to me.

Kudos to Lauren Feldman for posting the video below (after the jump) of his speech at Blog 08. 
Heads Up: Language may be somewhat NSFW (not safe for work) so put on some headphones and enjoy!

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