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censorship - is it always evil?

Blindfold I don't mind that my children cannot view pornography in a library.

I wouldn't mind the US Government shutting down a terrorist website - via proper legal channels.

I would however, be deeply disturbed to learn that my government or ISP was filtering my access to information.

  • What would they have to fear? 
  • What would the government gain by limiting my access to this information? 
  • Why isn't the option to view and trust information left at my discretion as a democratic citizen?

I'm all for staying safe, but doesn't even an the most excessive of measures - censorship, demand transparency?

Don't all democratic citizens have a right to know when their natural Gd-given rights are being tampered with?

Sure, the Australian Government has told their citizenry about their plans for censorship.  But they have not told their citizens quite how or why (though some suggest this will be a filter against porn - particularly child pornography - and gambling, I'd be interested to see how effective and accurate this solution would be).  We need to keep our children safe, we need to keep child pornography out of our homes, protect children and prosecute the monsters creating this content - but this is not the solution.  This is not a screen, or a transparent safety mechanism.  It's a dumb wall, blocking mass amounts of information, killing industry and crippling the internet infrastructure in Australia. 

I don't live in Australia, but I think this is something we need to discuss across all democratic nations around the world.

Knowing that you don't know what you're missing, that may be the scariest fear of all.

For some real Australian sentiment check out Gavin's post, and Get Shouty's future husband Angry Aussie's thoughts in the video below (not safe for work).

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