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growing younger everyday - marketering 101

Young at heart When you were young you could do anything.  Tomorrow held limitless potential.  Your mind was the world's best playground and a cardboard box the worlds best toy.  The world was yours for the taking.

Take my niece Channa for example.  Because as anyone who knows Channa will tell you, everyday she grows younger.

  • When she was 2, Channa tried pouring her own water, missed her cup and brushed it off saying "I'm pishing on the table and I don't even care"
  • When she was 3 she told us she was going to grow up and become a real monkey.
  • When she was 4 she turned around in the supermarket and started yelling at the ceiling "Enough already, stop talking to me!" (at the PA system)

Every year she learned more about the world around her, she learned new things and fresh lessons.  But she never stopped viewing the world through the uniquely off-center lens that is her perception, her world view.

Time does not make you old, laziness does. 

Laziness makes you believe that the world is what it is.  That change comes from chasing the low hanging fruit and that time will heal all.  That tried and true has always worked, and will always work.

Youth is not an age, it is a frame of mind.  My grandmother regularly challenges herself, visiting her grandchildren in college overseas, pushing herself to walk farther, do more, have new experiences, to live better. 

Youth is not an age, it's a decision to think differently, to bring a fresh perspective to everything you see, to live young.  Young people learn new things everyday.  Young people are open to new experiences and ideas.  Young people view life as an experience, as a journey, as a canvas to be painted, not as an extension of yesterday.

To ignore the facts on the ground is to run blind, but to see inspiration in everything around you, to live fresh, to live new, to live now is to live young.  And to pursue this life, is to grow younger everyday.

Now think about "New Media", about social communications, PR and the this rapidly changing landscape.

  • Does new mean that everyone is on a level of the playing field, regardless of age?
  • Does new mean that experience is no longer a relevant factor in hiring a new employee?
  • Or does new just mean that practitioners have to constantly be growing younger everyday?
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