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how much do you really care?

Charity Everyone cares about something.

But do you care enough to...

  • sign a petition?
  • wear a button?
  • raise your hand?
  • attend a rally?
  • circulate a petition?
  • start a movement?
  • give of your time?
  • give of your money?
  • give of your life?
  • to vote?

Which of the above is the most influential?  Why would you do one and not the other?

How much do you care?

Say you're a vegetarian for animal right's reasons - would you pay a farmer the amount they would would get on the beef market in order to keep their livestock living? 

  • What does this say about you?

Say you're against offshore drilling - would you lease or purchase the rights to drill so that others couldn't drill and potentially harm the environment? 

  • Does this mean that you are only charitable with other people's resources?

Say you're pro-life - would you offer assistance, funding, adoption, medical help etc? 

  • Would you adopt their unborn child?  What does this say about your commitment to your cause?

Say you're pro-Obama - would you travel to a swing state to drive voters to voting centers?

  • It's amazing how many people rally for Obama in NY, but wouldn't they serve a better purpose in Ohio?  How much do these people really care?

We all like to be charitable, we all like to give back

But why don't we fulfill when these causes begin to demand something in return?

Case Study - EFRAT

EFRAT is an Israeli pro-life group.  Rather than telling women what to do with their bodies, they support those who make the choice to carry their fetuses to term, providing medical, financial, and emotional support start to finish, from early pregnancy through post-delivery adoption and support.  They don't yell or protest, they support in whatever manner they can.  This strikes me as real, as authentic.  Whether or not you agree with their cause, they stand for something AND they stand behind it.  I can see why this organization will be successful.  Not only do they want it, but they really mean it.

Why wouldn't PETA follow suit?
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